MOT Testing Leeds

What Is Checked During An MOT

Tested Items During An MOT

Interior Checks

Front & Rear Seat Belts and Seats

Rear Fog Light Tell Tails ABS Warning Light

Side Light And Head Light Switches

Indicator And Hazard Switches

Drivers View, Windscreen Wipers, Washers, Windscreen & Mirrors

Brake Pedal, Servo Operation

Handbrake, Steering Wheel & Column


Front Door Security & Operations

Exterior Checks

Front And Rear Number Plates

Lights,Indicators, Rear Lights, Rear Fog Lights, Number Plate Lights

Stop Lights, Hazard Lights

Headlights and Headlight Aim

Front and Rear Shock Absorber Dampening Effect

Wheels and Tyres

Fuel Filler Cap

Rear Doors and Boot Lid / Tailgate Security

Wiper Blades and General Condition of the Vehicle

Under Bonnet Checks

Braking System Components

Exhaust System where Visible

Fuel System

Steering and Suspension

Power Steering Components

Vehicle Structure

Battery Security*

Under Vehicle Checks

Steering Including Power

Power Steering Pipes Condition and Security

Driveshafts and Gaiters

Front Suspension and Shock Absorbers

Front amd Rear Wheel Bearings

Wheels and Tyres Condition

Service Brake Control

Handbrake Operation and Components

Parking Brake System

Exhaust System

Fuel Tank and Fuel System Security and Condition

Rear Suspension and Shock Absorbers

Towbars if Fitted

General Vehicle Structure

Emissions Test

Brake Performance Test

This Test will be Carried Out on a Brake Roller Tester (Rolling Road)

Permanent 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles will be Tested Using Deceleromemter