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Engine Diagnostics Leeds

Morley Vehicle Repairs Engine Diagnostics LeedsSince 2010 we have also been able to offer MOT testing on our new site as we are now a VOSA registered MOT Testing centre, with this is mind we belive we can offer all the services they need under one roof.

Often your car will let you know when something is causing s problemby illuminating the engine management light on the vehicle`s dashboard.

However your car can not talk so it is unable to tell you which part is at fault, this is where our stateof the art diagnostic equipment comes in to its own.

When plugged into your car / van the equipment tells us where the fault or pending faults are.

With this data we trace and repair the fault as quickly and chaeply as possible. On completion of the repair you will recieve a diagnostic print out of all recorded faults.

If you are having problems with your car or van and the engine management light is illuminated give us a call to-day.

Please contact us on 0113 238 3342  for more information.

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