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A vehicle repair shop you can put your trust in

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘a Jack of all trades and a master of none’, but when it comes to Morley Vehicle Repairs, that simply isn’t true. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the services which we provide. No half measures and no cutting corners, we get the job done and we get it done well.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electronic Diagnositcs Work
  • Tracking Services
  • Breakdown Services
  • Free Battery Tests
  • Vehicle Health Checks
  • Tyre Supply & Fit

Where to find us

Unit 9
Elmfield road
LS27 0EL


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Diagnostics Work

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Free Battery

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Health Checks

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Supply & Fit

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Air Conditioning

Morley Vehicle Repairs can be relied on for Air Conditioning Services. Your air conditioning system is useful all year. In the summer to keep you cool, and in the winter to de-mist your windows quickly.

Air conditioning systems that need to be recharged are less effective, putting more strain on your vehicle’s engine and lowering fuel efficiency.
If your air conditioning system has not been recharged in two years, its performance and efficiency will suffer significantly.

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Electrical Diagnostics Work

Morley Vehicle Repairs is a fantastic provider of auto electrical and electronic vehicle repairs to the general public, garages, and dealerships. From basic installation services (starters, alternators, radios, and so on) to vehicle computer and networking issues. We repair from beginning to end, including fault-finding into vehicle wiring systems and repairing ECUs to component level if necessary.

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Morley Vehicle Repairs offer a wide range of car trackers for all purposes, whether you need to monitor the real-time daily activity of your personal or business vehicles, log their history, or add extra security. Have you been asked to install a vehicle tracking device for insurance purposes? Car thieves have adapted their methods to circumvent modern factory-installed security. Thieves can now easily steal cars in seconds and an alarming number of these stolen vehicles are never recovered. Make sure you keep yourself covered with our dedicated tracking service. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Breakdown Services

Broken down in the middle of nowhere? Unable to get your car to the garage? Fear not, because Morley Vehicle Repairs are on hand to save the day. At Morley Vehicle Repairs, we offer a top notch breakdown service design to take away the stress that you’re bound to go through in the even of a breakdown.

What’s more, is that we are proud to offer a free local recovery within a 3 mile radius which includes both a collection and delivery service in the local area, after all, we like to look after our own!

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Vehicle Battery Tests

We’ll use the latest testing equipment to inspect the condition of your car battery, including the battery starting and charging systems. This service will only take a few minutes so we may be able to do it on the spot.

This simple but effective battery test, which includes inspecting the terminals for corrosion as well as the voltage output and charging rate of the battery, provides a clear indication of the battery’s condition. Furthermore, we will determine whether a battery failure is imminent by comparing the test results to the manufacturer’s specifications. Most importantly, the health check will notify you of any underlying battery issues before they become a problem.

Vehicle batteries start from as little as £39.95. Please contact us with your registration and we will be able to provide a quote. Battery testing can be carried out while you wait and this service is provided free of charge.

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Vehicle Health Check

Often your car will let you know when something is causing or is likely to cause a problem. Your car will do this by illuminating the engine management light (xx) on the dashboard. Sometimes when this light is illuminated the vehicle may enter limp mode (Vehicle will run but only on low power).

However, your car can not talk and is therefore unable to tell you which part or system is causing the fault, this is where or state of the diagnostics equipment comes into its own.

When the diagnostic interface is connected to your vehicle via the onboard diagnostic connector, we can trace and repair the fault cheaply and quickly, thus reducing the time your vehicle is off the road.

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Tyre Supply & Fit

Morley Vehicle Repairs sells and instals a wide variety of tyres to suit any budget or driving style. We are based in Leeds and serve the surrounding area with a wide range of related tyre services. We not only offer the latest and best tyre brands at competitive prices, but we also offer balancing and may be able to offer same-day fitting in some cases.

Tyres start from £26.50


Volkswagen Fox: £48.25
Ford Focus: £51.60

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    What our customers say

    Not another garage I would trust with my car. Been using this garage for 17 years now and I've never had a problem. Honest and reliable at the right price for the standard of work carried out.

    Daniel LylesGoogle Review

    Swapped out a door on my car. Great service done well at a very reasonable price. Everyone I spoke to was polite and informative. Work was done in good time as well.

    Natasha ScottGoogle Review

    Brilliant garage. I’ve been messed about before, and find it difficult to find a trusting garage. So many out there just rip you off. This garage was great, honest, quick, professional, friendly and good value. Don’t charge you an arm and a leg for repair work.

    Samuel DaviesGoogle Review

    As a woman who takes her car here on her own I can assure you anyone doing the same that these guys are brilliant. I use them for all my MOT's/services and problems and have done for years. Excellent honest service every time.

    Marilyn OldroydGoogle Review

    Excellent and reliable service. As a friend of the family who has known them for a number of years I can say that all the staff here are always respectable and professional. I would highly recommend.

    Minnie CarterGoogle Review

    We use Morley Vehicle Repairs for our van fleet servicing. The guys at this garage are second to none in the Leeds area hence the reason for using their services. Now they also do MOT testing actually on site which makes MOT for our vehicles a bit faster. I would highly recommend that people give these guys a chance.

    SafeGas WetherbyGoogle Review

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